My yahoo mail has been hacked and all messages in inbox and sent were deleted [Closed]

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My yahoo mail has been hacked and all messages in the inbox and sent were deleted 4 days ago
the messages were sitting to go to trash rather than an inbox
I changed the password .and I removed the filter
I had sen recovery request to days ago with no response
How to restore my missing emails?

System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 63.0

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You messages were in trash. Yahoo regularly makes a sweep of all accounts and deletes trashed messages.

You must not store messages in the trash bin because they will get deleted from the server. Once deleted from the server they cannot be recovered.

I don't know where you could have sent a recovery request because Yahoo doesn't provide such a service.

as I said the mail has been messages were not in trash before hacking

How were you able to determine that your account was hacked, your login and recovery information were not changed?

The fact that messages were deleted does not prove that the account was hacked.

I suggest that someone near to you, four days ago, knew your address and password accessed your account and deleted the emails. I suggest you investigate in your surroundings.
my account was hacked.because messages were sent to all my contacts .and my account sitting had changed.a new filter was added to send my messages to trash or spam. but I hade removed it

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