Folder Lock executable file corrupted

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Sunday December 30, 2018
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December 30, 2018

I recently created a USB portable locker using Folder Lock , the size is 2.9gb so there is no separate locker file-only a single .exe file which is password protected. Suddenly, yesterday while i was using this file my windows crashed and showed blue screen with some pointer error. Now if i try to run that exe file, it says it cannot be run because its corrupted. It has some important files, any help will be appreciated. Please note I am using latest version of Folderlock and windows 10 64bit. I do remember my password, the problem is to get this file to run. I have tried running this exe file in admin mode also, have tried changing few things in regedit plus also tried using 3rd party softwares like easeUS data recovery. The files recovered from there has the same error. I am just looking to recover the data inside this exe file which is protected by folder lock.