My files vanished after I tried to open them

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Friday January 11, 2019
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January 11, 2019
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My problem's pretty much summed up in the title so i'm gonna elaborate: I've been working on some .psd files for a few days now. I've been using 3 different computers to work on them (all windows 10). Today I was working on my school computer, I saved my files on my external hard drive and tried to open them again when I got home.

Thing is at first the files were showing up, it's only when I tried to open them (with paint tool sai as I always do) that the program said "file doesn't exist." I went to check on my files in my hard drive and turns out they just vanished without me doing anything; they just weren't there anymore. Even some files that I hadn't tried to open in days vanished too.

Now, they were all .psd files so I figured that they might have been corrupted last time I saved them for some reason, but somehow I tried to open a pdf file that I was using as a backup for my work and again. I got the message "file cannot be opened." I went to check on my file again and it had vanished as well. They're not in the bin and they're not hidden either. I have absolutely no idea what happened.

I'm not really hopeful to get my files back but if someone at the very least knows a logical explaination for this...? Anyway thank you very much in advance.