Hacked, now cant access my fb account

sagebrushqueen - Feb 10, 2019 at 06:01 PM
I was hacked through my facebook or messenger about 5 weeks ago, they were able to also get my mobile device, my home wifi network, my pc and my email accts. They apparently redirected all of my outgoing and incoming sms text messaging, voicemail and emails because I had 2 step verification active but was never able to receive the necessary login code to complete the verification yet received friend suggestions on the 32265(?) number after I had turned permissions on. I re-secured everything again except my facebook account. I have changed passwords on all accounts including facebook, I am receiving emails now on my connected account but my phone is damaged and awaiting repair so I still can't receive any sms text. I have tried trusted friends twice, sent in a pic of my drivers license 3 times but am still not getting any results. I know there were other security measures attached to my account but am not getting any option to try them. What else can I do?