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After HOURS of downloading, I try to open this Windows Media Player 12 and get an installer ERROR message. Am I "satisfied?" No, I am not. I can't play the MP4 videos people email to me, and who knows what else? I'm no geek, so I don't know any ways around this. I have Windows 10, upgraded from W7, which was supposed to be an improvement, but this sure isn't one.
its easier to go to microsoft, this is rerouting the download thru hacker territory, it doesnt take more than ten munutes not 20 hours.

Im running a test on your downloads, were going to see if this is real or if a report needs to go to Microsoft. Better have a certificate.

Win 10 seems to want to get rid if media player, let's see how this goes.

I was redirected and the installer lacked the proper certificate


Thank you very very match

Its good, but it still needs some work. I mean it's hardly anything like a music player app i have on my android phone. Oh, come on now, an Android app on a phone is out doing this windows app on a computer by a long shot and i won't name the app.
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Windows Media Player 12 is a great upgrade and an instant classic. It gives you all the tools necessary to play your media!

Installer encountered an error: Certificate is invalid


Doesn't support Threadripper running Windows 7 -64

window 7


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Windows Media Player 12 provides all the tools required to play your media.

link doesnt work,,...i tried many times & i just found ads n harmess website
Yes Very Help Full Version Thank You