Black screen after installing new RAM [Closed]

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I'm currently facing issue with black screen on my Asus FX550IU-DM126. Had this problem ever since I bought laptop. Laptop turns on, fans start working, LED indicators turn on, DVD drive makes noise like it tries to read something, but nothing happens on screen, just black image without cursor. Laptop was under warranty so I sent it to service and explained whats the issue. As they say, problem was not manifesting at their service and they returned it. So, I decided to open laptop case myself and take one RAM stick (4GB) out, and voala! It worked! I thought new RAM stick will fix my problem and I ordered new one with same specification only this one was (8GB). I placed new one into the laptop and it worked, but only for two weeks and black screen was back. I tried many things, but nothing seems to help. Only thing I didnt try but I think it will help is changing RAM voltage, but I cant get into BIOS advanced menu, I only end up in Aptio Setup Utility when I press F2. Does anyone have suggestions where problem is?

Thank you in advance for answers!

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 72.0.3626.105

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Do the specs of thw new RAM meet the soecs of the existing motherboard?
Yes, they are. Only the new one is 2400 Mhz and the one in laptop is 2133 Mhz. But I checked laptop manual and contacted service before I bought the new one. I don't think that compability is problem. It runned smoothly for two weeks.
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Take out al if the Ram and boot. What indication does it give you?
Found solution!
Seems like RAM slot is loose, so when I lifted RAM a little bit up, it started working. Thats why sometimes RAM worked, sometimes not. Thank for suggestions ac3mark!
Have a nice day!
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You are welcome. About once a year, you should reseat those for what is known as CHIP CREEP!