Monitor turns off, Computer still runs

JonLuebke - Updated on Jun 23, 2019 at 01:18 AM
Hello, So this has been happening on and off, and has reccently been doing it more and more often. when I'm trying to play games, or something. The odd thing is the monitor turns off and computer still runs, but I find later, once I reset the computer to get the display back, that it also disconnects me from any program. If i was in a online game, the game shuts off, or I get disconnected. If i was in a call, I disconnect from the call.

I'm lost as to what happens, when I try to unplug and replug my display cords that does nothing, the only thing that gets the display back is by resetting the computer.

It probably shuts all the programs that i was running off, I can't tell because the monitor stays off, but the CPU Fan and other fans are still running as if the comp itself is still running.

Any advice on what I can do to fix this issue would be appreciated.

I did reccently install a new CPU heatsink/fan, but I highly doubt thats the problem, cause I replaced it because my old one, was not reliably turning on, and would cause the cpu to overheat and shut the comp off. And even with the old CPU heatsink it had the same problem, just its been doing it more often now.

So. Update, I found out, that my comp when it happens. It appears to SHut off for literally a split second before turning back on. As after it happened. I found that If I put pressure when fidigting with the hdmi cord plugged into the graphics card. that it would turn the computer off, then when i let go of the pressure, the computer would turn back on. So what I think is happening, is that at some point, some pressure is applied to the grapics card sockets through the HDMI cord, and is causing the computer to shut off for a second. the display though doesn't come back unless I hold the pressure long enough to get the computer to offically reboot.

So any tips on what I need to do with my grapics card? Just tighten it more to the mother board? or tighten the mother board? cause I think somehow its causing an issue with the mother board which causes the comp to turn off. But i'm not sure with it when it comes to this stuff.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 75.0.3770.100