Facebook stuck on secure your account

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I was checking some of my older posts today from a few years back when I found a post like "who you were in the past life". I couldn't remember if I posted it by accident, so I clicked that "I did not post this".

After that I was redirected to a page where it said this

"Hi Username, let's secure your account
To help keep your Facebook account secure, we'll take you through a few steps to change your password and make sure any recent changes to your account came from you." This came with a "get started" option.

However, each time I click the get started option, it doesn't do anything and it's just stuck.

I have tried clearing my browser cache, as well as logging in from a different device but it stays the same way.

Can anyone please help me? I am positive that my account was not hacked as I use it for several hours daily and I have all necessary security precautions in place.

Thank you.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 74.0.3729.131