No speaker icon on tab and no audio on site

ssik1974 - Updated on Jul 4, 2019 at 12:46 AM

I just setup my new Cybertron PC with Windows 10 and while I have sound through the speakers for media playback and get audio from Facebook and YouTube as I tested those sites out. I get audio from some other sites, as well, but I cannot get audio from for the player in the lounge. I've checked every possible setting known to man and they are all correct. I am using Microsoft Edge and I do not have that speaker icon on the tab for this site but I have it for other sites. So, I tried Google Chrome and got the same issue. No audio on fubar. Now here's the real kicker. I have my Windows 8 machine running audio just fine from fubar and I haver the speaker icon in the tab. I've tried Googling the issue and even tried Microsoft support (what a joke!) but no one has figured this out. I bought this new PC for the specific use of audio on the fubar site so looks like I may have to return it if I can't get this resolved. Oh, and I did have sound for a few minutes after none for the first day, then it went back out as mysteriously as it appeared. I didn't "fix" or "change" anything, either, so I know it's supposed to be working. Anyway, can you help?

System Configuration: Windows 10/ Edge 18.18362