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Hi there,

My account has been temporarily locked. I was able to change my password but Facebook has asked that I choose a security check: either Text a security code to your phone or Confirm your identity on another phone or computer. I have contacted my mobile provider and they no longer allow security checks to be sent via their network, so the only option I have is confirm identity via another phone or computer. How do I do this? Nothing appears on my FB iPhone app.

I'm using Chrome on a Mac and an iPhone 8.


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Port your number to a different service provider!! If they are going to dictate what messages you can and cannot receive,
You have the right to take your number and play with a new provider!
They're the biggest network in the UK and they have decided to do this for security reasons, so I can't just change it. But thanks!
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Well you can thank the largest provider in the uk for your lost facebook account!!!