Hacked facebook account [Closed]

Registration date
Tuesday September 10, 2019
Last seen
September 10, 2019
  • My facebook account was hacked
  • Hackers changed my email address
  • Facebook amended my email address
  • Facebook sent me a link to reset my password
  • I'm unable to reset my password
  • Facebook sends me a code to my email, I enter code, type in new password, but then I am asked to enter a code from code generator, I cannot access my account so I cannot set up code generator and so cannot receive a code from code generator
  • how do I reset my password without a code from code generator?
  • is there a way facebook can set up my code generator? Can they then send me a link to reset my password?
  • is there a way facebook can send me a code from code generator by sms or email to reset password?
  • can facebook reset my password and send me a link so that i can reset my password with my password?
  • has been over a wk, I'm really upset and frustrated that I cannot find a solution and facebook doesn't reply to anybof my emails and online requests

I've sent facebook my ID few times in hope of their help

Please help thank you

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