FB Security Check not sending confirmation code to (the correct) phone # listed

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Thursday September 12, 2019
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September 12, 2019
"Security Check" window pops-up outta' nowhere & shows that it will 'send a code' to my cell phone number. IT NEVER SENDS! It shows & pre-selects the correct number BUT it never comes. I checked with my SMS settings on my phone. All okay and I receive other sms messages, just not from Facebook. So I click resend code & a pop-up warns me that I'm not using the request for re-sending the confirmation code correctly and I need to 'slow down' (srsly) or I'll be blocked. I have filled out every form I can... some require you to 'sign in' to my account, but I have no access to my account & pages... and every time I sign in I get the same circle jerk. How do I bypass the code verification and get back on my pages??? I have tried everything from mindlessly searching for phone support (scam*fraud... duh!), filled out EVERY FORM possible with NO REPLY. I have screencaps with all the windows/warnings if it will help. Hoping you can help... thanks!