Mac: Copying row of data that contains dates between two specified dates.

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Hello Friends,

I am reasonably good at excel but have never used macros or VBA. I have multiple workbooks one for each company which has similarly-formatted worksheets containing different types of information mainly reporting deadlines and process deadlines. As these deadlines are for multiple reporting, the dates are in many columns.

I am trying to create a Master Workbook that can display all the events to be complied with in the next four days. The dates are mainly in two worksheets named 'Process' and 'Reporting'

The link to the template workbook is as under. Such workbooks have been created for many companies.

The help of an expert will make my work easy as I would be able to see looming deadlines in all companies on one sheet.

Thanks in advance for the support and guidance.

System Configuration: Macintosh / Chrome 77.0.3865.90