Playstation 3 Running into Key Information Exchange Failed Issue

Whatsamahoosit - Oct 10, 2019 at 11:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

So, my playstation 3 I have had for almost 9 straight years. Literally never had a single issue with it. Last Night 10/9/2019 I was watching Hulu on it with my girlfriend while it was wirelessly connected. No issues, perfectly okay.

10/10/2019, suddenly the system can no longer get through the key information exchange, which will not allow it to get the IP Address Confirmed. Every single way people have "resolved" the issue has no bearing on my situation. No new media devices have connected to the router. I have reset the router, moved the playstation, plugged it into new locations, literally everything everyone has said to do. Within less than 24 hours, my playstation went from 100% operable with wireless settings. To suddenly being unable to connect at all. I can't just run an ethernet cable through 3/4ths of my house just to get it to work on the only room I use it for.

Can someone please explain to me how nothing happening to it over a 24 hour period and no changes happening in the past 5-6 months in the house. Can cause it to suddenly no longer obtain an IP Address? It reads that there is internet in the area with a signal strength, indicating that the wireless card is infact working. But is completely unable to do the basic functions it was doing just last night?