PC Froze and now has trouble booting

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Friday October 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019
Hi! So I was recently playing WoW on my pc and everything froze including the sound.. Nothing worked not even ctrl+alt+delete... Pressed the power button to turn off and tried to boot. At first the pc would for a sec try to turn on but then turn off. The Cpu fan also would nudge a bit too.. Looked at forums and came across one that recommended resetting the cmos on the mobo so I did.. After that the pc would turn on just fine but then my monitor would display a “No hdmi signal found” .. So I took it apart again and made sure everything was connected on good but still no luck.. Found another forum that recommended unplugging the power supply cord and holding down the power button for a minute.. Turned it on and surprisingly it worked! Though now after a couple minutes of the pc booting it automatically turns off and on and off.. Help please