How Does Email Work? A Simple (Illustrated) Explanation [Closed]

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If you’re like most people who work in an office or use a computer regularly, you send and receive dozens of emails each day. When you click Send, how does it get to the right place?

Email was born in 1971 when a computer engineer began using the @ symbol to designate which computer a message should go to. At its core, an email is simply a text message from one user to another. Advancing technology has added extra features along the way, of course—like image and file attachments, links and embedded maps.

When you send and receive email, you use an which allows you to create and interact with emails from other computer users. Your email client can be web-based, meaning you check it through your web browser (examples include Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail) or it can be an application on your computer (like Outlook, Thunderbird

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The app is called a client! Great explanation, along with an even better illustration!!!

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