I have a link thats says down load youtube video but can anyone explain how ?

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Monday October 21, 2019
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October 21, 2019
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I come across a website that says down load videos from any social media platform youtube , facebook , instagram all, i open this website called youtube video downloader - Online media converter and tried to download a video but how the website is perfroming can anyone explain me .. where my video is saved , does it downloading or not . It also says that it download video in HD fromat , please explain me i am eager to learn - here is the website https://savevideoclip.com/

please answer my question i request

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you are one of the smartest human on the planet , i did not know that everything we download goes to download folder

Now you know. Mark it as solved, please. It wil be the first one solved in a month or so. These dorks dont know anything!!!