My computer keyboard wont type when plugged into the usb.

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Wednesday November 6, 2019
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May 30, 2020
So let give some background story for a second.
Me and my brother were walking outside when i saw a huge Smilodon Raidmax gaming development.
I, of course, grabbed it right away.
When we got home i got everything in order and booted it up. (note it did not have a hard drive before.)
It shows a screen showing "gigabyte. S-series motherboards." for a second then showing a command prompt like screen saying "verifying DMI pool data............"
Then it attempts to load windows XP (i loaded an extra laptop SATA drive with windows XP.)
It freezes and attempts to do it again.
This time around it'll ask me if i want to start windows normally or if i want to load from the last good configuration.
But i cant do that because for some reason the keyboard wont work. The mouse does; on all of the usb ports.
But not the keyboard.
Im not sure if its a motherboard problem or a driver issue.