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Hello, im wondering how to fix a local network connection. I'm trying to connect two (2) computers together that are side by side with each other in the same room.

I'm trying to connect my network the right way so I may play, "Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour" with my friends and family. When my Brother and I are in the loby; he can see me but I can't see him on the list of players on the list of players and hosted matches. But when I create a game, he will click "join game". Then a window pops up saying "Connection timed out". This is a problem; for this is a game I would like to play, link played. Please send responce ASAP!!! Any type, tip, ANSWER/RESOLUTION, or pach (particularly FREE) please tell me about it and give me a link for that download or just tell me the answer. Please and thank you!!!
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on the options menu you have to put the real IP of the computer, not the internal from the LAN. normally, by default the game puts himself the ip but it can change alone.


Thank you, narita 52

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i dont get it
what if the computer says,,the serial is already use
Mine says the serial is alreaddy in use too
HAhaha Guys it's Easy as i'm only 16 years old Professional with computer stuff.
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Mine says the serial is alreaddy in use
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go into options of the game, and see if you are both using the same LAN Ip at the bottom, dont bother with the online IP, just the LAN, and oh, obviously make sure you are both connected to the same network...
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same cdkey of your and brother game may couse timeout
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I had the same problem. We both had the same bought game, but he had the original CD in the driver and I had a crack. We bought another game and it worked for a while :D now it doesnt, and I dunno why :/