My Facebook I'd not confirm identify


System Configuration: Android / Chrome 80.0.3987.87
I really need help!

For weeks now I can´t access my facebook account. After redefining my password they blocked my account, and to unlock it says I must verify my identity and change the password.

The next step, however, says only this: «Identity Not Confirmed. We currently can't verify your identity. Please try again later.»
I have contacted Facebook Support by e-mail. During one week I answered the identification procedures that they asked me. At the end the guy told me to make sure I was logged out of every I eventually logged out of my Messenger app and mobile account. I am literally without access now, because it still didn't work. The same sentence keeps appearing all the time! Then the guy from support stopped replying. The last thing I sent was a print screen with the message.

I keep sending him e-mails, hoping for an answer because I don't see this happening to other's really frustrating to lose all the info I had in my account, especially because I also use Facebook to work!

So I can't do anything else! Did this already happen to anyone? I've contacted Facebook but they don't respond! It's been giving me this answer for weeks, so frustrating!