Pc is on, but the monitor, pc and mouse is not,

 18yearsofbadluck -

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 84.0.4147.111

Just yesterday, I was playing an FPS online game. The mouse wss to far which made me uncomfortable playing. It hurt my right arm so I decided to place in another position. By thr time that was done, I powered up my PC, only to see a black screen, my keyboard not working and my mouse not lighting up. Any thoughts on this? Anything will help. I'm only 18 and I dont know much about fixing computers. I tried cleaning the RAM but still no luck. I need your help asap. My brothers on-line class will start this upcoming August 24.

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Why does everyone think that opening up the pc and CLEANING RAM will fix their problems. Tou might have created a bigger one when you touched the board without grounding yourself.

It doesnt sound like the power cord go plugged In all of the way. If all y0u did was move the pc, double check your connections again. On the back of the power supply there is sometime another power switch make sure it is on too.

I checked the cords. Ill try to find that hidden power switch