Need a wifi system for a 10,000 sq ft home

saarsurya - Aug 20, 2020 at 01:36 AM
So my house is 10,000 sq ft as the title suggests and I honestly have no idea what I should do for its wifi. about 5 years ago, we had 5 apple air port expresses and 1 apple airport time capsule set up around the house and the normal Comcast router that we rent. I have 2.4GHz and 5 GHz networks set up through the air ports and the 2.4GHz throughput is like 70mbps on a good day but generally averages around 30mbps which is like doo doo considering we pay for 200mbps. and the 5 GHz (even when you're right next to the router) will average around 10mbps (even more doo doo). the Comcast router network will generally give my laptop 200mbps but the rest of my devices (iPhone, iPad, xbox, Apple TV, Nintendo switch, etc) only get around 20-60 mbps inconsistently and my xbox even worse for the most part. occasionally I will wire my xbox in from the output ethernet of the airport express but even then it's still around 50-60mbps tops and that's too pretty inconsistent. I just ordered the AC2200 Netgear Orbi three pack in hopes of replacing the entire air port system and regular Comcast router but my main issue is I started reading the reviews and honestly, they weren't that great. plus I just realized it's mainly for up to 6000 sq ft which obviously isnt enough. im thinking about returning it before I even set up as I wanna make sure I get the best possible long lasting and fastest set up. does anyone know what the best possible solution would be in this situation? or just have any suggestions? I know wifi 6 routers just recently came out which I dont really know if its compatible with all devices or not since it uses 802.11ax. idk if it's worth spending too much money on that though. my budget is around up to $500. the Netgear Orbi three pack was $350 but honestly I could be convinced to spend more than $500 if there's a solid solution to setting up a consistent 200mbps system throughout my house. btw most things that can be hardwired in my house already are. My house runs on a control4 system which basically controls the temperature, lights, blinds, tv controls, speakers around the house, doorbell, cameras around the house, some of the locks. This is all hardwired (at least I think). we also have 3 Apple TV's hardwired, 4 streaming boxes for tv also hardwired, my xbox is hardwired. comparatively, we have 5 google nests connected through wifi, 4 MacBooks (three pros, one air), 5 iPads(4 pros, 1 regular), 4 iPhones, 2 Nintendo switches, 6 smart tvs, security system, a Dyson fan, two amazon Alexas. I guess you could also say the apple airports are all hardwired as well since they have ethernet ports going into them.
Current Set up:
- Xfinity Router (up to 200 mbps if close or in rooms directly above)
-downfall is that its signal doesn't reach the whole house probably only like 1/5th of my house
- 5 apple airport expresses that give off a separate 2.4 GHz and 5GHz networks (we have 3 different networks + a guest network)
-downfall is that it only gives like 20-60 mbps on a good day, often times slower and very inconsistent
- 1 apple airport time capsule also connected to the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks with the apple airport expresses
Current Devices Hardwired
-3 Apple TVs (3rd gen, 4th gen, 4th gen 4k)
-4 streaming boxes for tv (I forget what theyre called lol)
-xbox one
-5 apple airport expresses & 1 apple airport time capsule
-full control4 system (lights, blinds, tv controls, speakers, doorbell, cameras, some locks)
Current Devices on Wifi
-4 MacBooks (3 pros, 1 air)
-5 google nest thermostats
-4 iphones
-5 iPads (2 new pros, 2 old pros, 1 regular)
-2 nintendo switches
-6 samsung smart tvs
-honeywell security system
-1 dyson fan
-2 amazon Alexas
-control4 handheld device & separate remote as well
Looking for:
- wifi system to cover 10,000 square ft home (at good consistent speeds 150mbps + preferred)
- wifi system/speed to handle all of those devices and still get good internet speeds
- any sort of suggestions which could help in boosting speeds and covering the whole house