Wireless woes

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Thursday September 10, 2020
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September 12, 2020
1. Ever since my wife and I have been working at home I have had almost daily trouble losing the internet. I use an ethernet cable for a desktop and my wife uses wifi for a laptop. I asked my ISP for assistance and everything looked OK on their end. I did some research and then bought an Eero mesh router. It work fine for a few days and the problems returned. I then bought an SB 8200 ARRIS cable modem after much research and again the problem return after a few days. I then contacted my ISP who advised everything look good on there and they suggested that I talk to the people who Eero.
2. I then spoke with Eero and everything looked good on their end. They asked me to try the manufacturer's cable modem. I called Arris about the SB 8200 and they talked me through a diagnostic procedure that showed that the upstream bonded channels should be between 45 and 51. They were between 38 and 39 under the "power" column. They asked me to contact my ISP to refresh the signal.
3. I then contacted my ISP with this information and they could not assist; they said that I should contact the router manufacturer in order to change the channel on the router. They did try to help me do this manually but could not make it work.
4. I then an email to the Eero and asked them to clarify item three. They have sent it to their tech folks today and no response yet, though it may take a few more days. I am not certain one can change channels on a mesh router. It is possible that a DSL setup may work better since I am trapped now between the three components of this puzzle (ISP, mesh router and cable modem), none of which has rectified the problem to date and it has been going on for over a month.