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 rodellacajucom@yahoo.com -
My Facebook group was disabled yesterday. I only have until Nov. 14 / 2020 to review. What should I do

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 77.0.3865.92

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Registration date
Friday October 30, 2015
Last seen
April 11, 2021

If you believe that your Facebook group was disabled by mistake, use this form to make appeal. Make sure that your group hasn't breached Facebook's Terms and Community Standards before sending your appeal.
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My group has been disabled since February 28,2021. I already send a request for review but it's been 27 days that i didn't receive any update from facebook. My group is Free Legal Advice Philippines Usaping Legal. Please i am appealing in your office to get back my group so that we can give free legal advice to those who have no funds to pay for a lawyer. Thank you.
Disable group
I don't get you

Please help me. My group has been disabled since February 28, 2021

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