Files folders are not being shown on USB memory stick

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Wednesday November 11, 2020
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November 11, 2020
Hi all,

Could you please help me?

I moved some important files related to my job on my USB flash drive from an old laptop ( to which I don't have access anymore) and when I inserted the memory stick into the new laptop, the files are not being shown. The device is being recognized, the space on it is occupied, but not able to use/see the documents I added on it.

I changed the view options to see all the hidden files, then ran the cmd admin commands to delete the autorun.inf in order to take ownership but when giving the command:
attrib -h -r -s /s /d d:\*.*

Access denied McAfee...

Please see relevant screenshots.

I believe it's related to McAfee. Searched on their forums, no solution. Could you please help?
Thank you,