An easy way to get around DyKnow

Hi everyone! many people may know about DyKnow, a school management software, engineered to keep students on track and limit the sites school computers can visit. I dont have much experience with DyKnow itself because obviously accessing files with any code or information pertaining to the program itself isn't allowed (blocked as it needs to be run by an administrator). The school I'm at has also blocked all websites with information about DyKnow so i cant research it. I myself have tried several ways to get around it. I have tried to set up an obviously different account that wouldn't be a part of an organization, however adding any user is blocked by admin. I have tried to install software to create a virtual machine which its software would obviously be blocked off from the main computers. However DyKnow blocks the downloading of any software from off the web. (Have i mentioned the only thing i want to do is watch youtube on this computer not even do anything bad to it). I have also tried extracting the videos sources through source code however it seems DyKnow was set up to block the source as every time i try it tells me the source couldn't be found. Finally i tried using back-end websites like Invidious to access the videos but it has the same problem with the source. So now i'm officially stumped, i'm also new if you couldn't tell so if anyone could help me figure out how to get around this software it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) and if it sounds like i know more or sound like i know what i'm doing, not really.

edit: Forgot to mention command prompt is blocked by administrators as with most apps. Not disabled but blocked and i cant change my account type.