PS3 can't find my wifi

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Sunday April 4, 2021
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April 4, 2021
Hi folks

My super slim PS3 can't seem to find my wifi either through scanning for it or manually re-entering the SSID and password.

I did not use the console for some time until a couple of months ago and successfully reconnected it to the same wifi by manually entering the SSID. Now it says it can't find the access point. The settings are still there but signal strength says not detected. Disabling/re-enabling the internet connection doesn't help. Scanning for networks turns up someone else's signal but not mine. Entering it manually again fails to connect. Proxy server is set to do not use. The signal is definitely broadcasting as my phone connects to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my console can see other wifi but not mine?

Thanks in advance!