Dell Inspiron 2n1 not booting up

LightspeedZX50 - Updated on Apr 5, 2021 at 06:13 PM
I feel like I am literally about to rip my hair out right now. My dell laptop has been acting up all day. First, the problem starts when I’m at college doing my work which required me to setup settings in the BIOS, but not actually save them. Just screenshot them on my phone. Simple enough right? Nope!

My problem starts just moments later when the stupid thing refuses to boot up past the
Dell logo on startup, so I just turned it off
and tried to get to the BIOS settings.

It doesn’t even get there. It basically freezes up around 25% and stays there. Same with the One-Time Boot menu.I’ve pressed F12 & F2 to try getting to it. I’ve tried F8. I’ve tried em all!

I even removed the CMOS and still nothing!

Someone help me...This is torture!