Facebook and instagram connection

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Thursday April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Writing here because i am desperate. question is simple:

i have a facebook and instagram (we will refer to them as A) and two facebook pages that i run, which have their own instagrams (we will name them as B and C). what do i want to do: connect my main account to A, one page to B and second page to C

how do i see it:

A connected to A (personal FB to personal Inst)
B connected to B (FB page to inst)
C connected to C (FB page number 2 to inst number 2)

what do i get:

A connects to A
B connects to B
C connects to C but only if A disconnects form A

i am admin of all pages, all verifications are made.

i want to connect my pages to their instagrams, and connect my personal Inst to personal FB. main reason would be to share content and stories.

Hope You can help me!