Main account got deleted, got an account linked directly to the deleted main

just like the title says, ive got a problem lmao. i have a backup account that was tied directly to my now main account, which means that i could switch between the two accounts without using two separate passwords. if you logged into my main, youd have access to that other backup account.

so. due to personal reasons, my main account got deleted, and now i dont know how to log into my backup account if it was directly tied to my main. i checked and its still there so it wasnt deleted along with the main.

here are some key points:
- backup account doesnt have a password since it was directly tied to my now deleted main account
- tried to log into the backup account with main accounts password and email, didnt work
- tried to restore the password using main accounts email and a completely different email, didnt work

please help. any suggestion/advice is appreciated! one thing to know is that i am a minor with no credit card or money, so i cant use any paid service to figure this out. thank you