Chat themes "integrated" with messenger app

jonesmalaco - Apr 16, 2021 at 08:08 PM
So recently my instagram "chats" synced with facebook messenger app. I guess there's no running away from it. Some features are welcome, like, the ability to reply to specific messages (inside one particular chat).

But other are somehow irritating. First of all, now all my instagram chats have somehow imported the messenger theme (which means, the messages I sent have some "purple/blueish" background.

I can change the theme to monochromatic of course. BUT!!

- I have to change them chat by chat... Absurd. Can't I just change the theme for all the chats at once.

- Even worse: all my contacts in which I changed the theme BACK to monochromatic (totaling 3 people) received a notification that I changed the theme, which quite frankly, is pathetic. What is wrong with instagram people that code these?