Dell Inspiron 13 7000 DC Jack broke off motherboard.

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First please forgive me if this is out of place, I could not find a category for my problem.

Hello, I have a refurbished dell 13 7000 series laptop. Therefore it does not have a service tag sticker on the bottom. My problem(s) is the DC power Jack/receptacle broke off the Motherboard when I attempted to plug in a new replacement DC short cable. The Jack off the MB went into outer space somewhere to be never found.

Can I order a replacement DC MB Jack receptacle and solder it in the place of the missing one? If so do you know where I can purchase one? Or can I cut the plug off the Jack cable and solder the wires straight to the MB? If so where can I find the position placement of each wire? Does the DC MB Jack have pin holes where to desolder, drop in replacement Jack then resolder?
If not then can the Jack cable end be cut off and solder the wires straight to the top of the MB? There is very little space between the pin positions on the MB in relation to each other so from top would be impossible for a shaky hand like mine. Maybe electric contact glue? I fear the distance between the pins on the MB will not allow any type of repair from the top side.

I ordered two used MB’s from eBay and both were defective, one video, one keyboard so I am sorta shy to try again. Being a disabled senior on a very limited income I can’t afford a new MB or the $129 + ones. I had to save to buy the Jack cord and a new battery now the battery is down and no way to charge it. I hope it is still good but if not I will use the laptop on AC and save up for another battery.
I spent quite sometime in the hospital and finally came home and after a period of time gained enough strength to tackle this endeavor. The laptop worked fine until the Jack broke off so the Jack and possibly another battery and I am good to go.
Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions or recommendations.

Best Regards