Can I get my falsely terminated account back?

Ceas64 - Apr 18, 2021 at 09:23 PM

Hey, back in July 2019 I made an account called "@toy_bonnie_male" and in late September 2019 I had changed it's name to "@shadow_bonnie_male", I got falsely kicked out for being underage even though I was above 13, and it got deleted in early November 2019. So I re used the name Toy_Bonnie_Male and I was so upset that my account had gotten deleted (I still am a year and a half later)

I've been going through a hard time recently and have spent hours just crying and wishing to go back to 2019, that old account was a big part of it, there were so many chats on that and all for it to be deleted falsely, so I beg of you to try help me/respond.

(It is now named Instagrammer since it has been banned)