Match between two sheets and create summary

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Tuesday April 20, 2021
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April 20, 2021
I'm a beginner in vba excel so I hope find assistance from the experts
I have two sheets names are(sheet1,sheet2) I would compare data in COL B,C,D,E in sheet1 with the last column contain header BALANCE in sheet2 in sheet2 it will change in location the last column(BALANCE) based on add a new columns every time and I would show the result next to the COL BALANCE in sheet2 also highlight by blue color some data in sheet1 because there are not existed in sheet2
so I put the result in COL J,K,L,M next to COL BALANCE in sheet2 also highlighting by blue color in sheet1
in col J it brings from sheet1 and subtracting from COL I(BALANCE) and the result in COL CASE,PLUSE , DEFICIT
NOTE : the col BALANCE is a changeable in location also CASE,PLUSE , DEFICIT and my real data at least 5000 rows



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