XFX RX 580 died after driver update?

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Sunday May 30, 2021
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May 30, 2021
Good day to you all!
So here's what happened. Last october I built a Ryzen 5 2600X build on an A320M-K motherboard with an XFX RX 580 8 GB.
It worked perferctly up to last Monday. Then I was experiencing the screen randomly going out, monitor showing no-input. I rebooted my PC, issue happens again after 20-30 minutes. Alright. Easiest thing to do is to remove current AMD graphics driver and install latest. As I was doing this and the new, fresh driver was installing I got the same no-input screen on my monitor. Waited about 30 minutes and then rebooted the PC. Since then I had no visuals on my monitor, always saying no-input detected. The gpu wasn't working at all. So I took it the the nearest IT service and after a few days they told me the graphics card is dead and they don't really recommend buying a new one now since it costs more than my whole PC by the time I built it. The CPU doesn't have any integrated graphics so now i'm pretty much fuc-ed. I keep all my PC parts warranties in a box but I couldn't find my GPU's. So it's hopeless the get another from warranty. What do I do? Any tricks that I should try?
Thanks a lot in advance.