How to "force" WhatsApp see a Local Backup?

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Wednesday June 2, 2021
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June 3, 2021
Hi. My WhatsApp installation does not retrieve the local backup.

The backup is correct (I had recovered it once but then the phone had some other issues so I reset it after a few hours and reinstalled everything from scratch).
I have been trying all the obvious things, like give WhatsApp all permissions before executing it.

The problem is also that every time I try it asks again for a phone verification, but adding a delay.

Do it a couple of times, and you end up having to wait a couple of hours.
This gets out of hand.

I arrived to have to wait LITERALLY 49 hours when doing this !

When this time will pass I will try to logout from the Google accounts so it does not try to retrieve the cloud backup (I read this trick somewhere) but not sure this will work.

Their support only sends copy-paste generic answers.
Do you have any advice?