Fraud attempt or bitter ex partner?


Please can you help, I urgently need some advice. I've had some issues with a male with whom I was friends on Facebook, joint members of several private groups & messenger. He subsequently unfriended me & blocked me, annoyed but ill live.

This was a little over a week ago. He left the bulk of the groups in one go but for 2 groups which he strangely kept for several days after until Monday night.

I built a new profile as I couldn't block him, but didn't manage to transfer everything over before I got a Facebook ban on Tuesday for spamming, this was for uploading a picture of me ????‍♀️

Late this Monday I received a blank message in messenger that went into my spam folder. It has no profile picture, no active profile, no message, states the individual is not on messenger and has no block facility.

My questions are as follows:

Could the ban be as a result of being reported by this individual. Secondly can I find out who sent this message, I dont understand how you can send a message with no profile, I suspect this is possibly the individual fishing to see if my account is still accessible. I have changed passwords, and secured the account but I am getting concerned about this. Any suggestions of what I can do?

Any help would be very much appreciated

Kind regards


System Configuration: Android / Chrome 91.0.4472.101