Restoring Media

rhsojitra - Jun 26, 2021 at 05:16 AM

I recently switched to my new phone. I wanted to backup everything so I copied all the media files from my old device to the new one. Now, for the Whatsapp chats, I did a backup on Google Drive on my old device just before I switched the SIM card to the new device. Now, the new device got along properly and I got all the chats from the old device. But even after that it showed that my media was being restored and it started downloading. Now, after I let it reach 100%, it froze there and it was not complete even after 2 hours. All my media files were already there but it is still showing that they are being downloaded. I even tried reinstalling Whatsapp and doing the whole process again but the result is the same. What should I do?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 91.0.4472.101