Always On VPN with PEAP-MSCHAP-v2

Novrige - Jul 5, 2021 at 05:28 AM

So my VPN is working properly at this time but with an "incorrect" setup. I want to use PEAP with MSCHAP-v2. Right now only MSCHAP-v2 is conifgured and it works but....

The idea is to set it up with additional PEAP. The problem is, when I configure it step by step with Online-Manuals it wont work proparly. Often there is an error saying "No Servername on Servercomputers Certificate" and thats not the case.... the correct CN and SAN are defined.

I cant localize the problem. I've tried many different setup but PEAP with MSCHAP-v2 wont work (Also PEAP with Certificates are not working and thats the reason why I want to change to MS-CHAPv2, would this only work....).

I've been on this for days but even with 1 to 1 configuration from RichardHicks and MS-Docs I wont work. So if anyone reading this has an working Always On VPN Setup with PEAP-MSCHAP-v2 or PEAP/Certificates.... pleas share your Config with me.

Thanks in advance! and sorry for possible spelling mistakes, this one needs to go fast and the reason why I want to change the runnig System ist because of the network-security.

<<<<<<<<<< Manuals I used:

Everything from RichardHicks (Always On VPN)

.... and MS-Docs about Always On VPN

System Configuration: Windows / Edge 91.0.864.64