Why am I never getting views when everyone says I'm underrated????

Millin - Updated by Millin on 9/07/21 at 09:10 AM

Hey so I like editing (easy stuff, it's just for fun) so I decided to post edits on tt. I found that there was a big viewership for roblox edits so I started doing that. I got up to nearly 2k subs but I have never gotten any viral video. Every comment is basically "underrated" or "here before viral" but it never goes viral. Am I doing something wrong? I don't find my edits to be bad or lacking and I am posting at a constant rate. I tried different tags with no success. Should I do anything in particular as I see accounts with less followers and worse edits than mine blow up like crazy. Please help this is so unfair ????

Username on tt : @itzmillin

System Configuration: Android / Firefox 90.0