Can vpn bypass null routing filtering ?

Amirreza - Updated on Jul 29, 2021 at 06:26 AM
First of all nice to see this great forum,
Now about the article and my question, I live in Islamic republic of Iran, and as you know our internet is very censored, but previously we were able to easily bypass the censorship with VPN, but now government wants to use a new method of filtering and they want to create some sort of firewall, and their new method is "null routing" or "blackhole filtering"(correct me of I'm wrong)
I was reading an article about it, and it suggests that we can bypass null routing by configuring our routers and tunneling our connection with the help of diffrent protocols like IPsec and this way with somthing called randomized ports (I don't know the exact term) with the help of that connection can't be detected or throttled,
First of all, is this correct can vpn tunneling on router bypass null routing?
If yes which routers support it, in the article it said Cisco routers support vpn servers(I think asus supports too)
And third question, does normall VPN providers like nord or Express work this way ??

Thank you all

Link to the article I was tlaking about:

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