Account potentially hacked, need desperate help

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Sunday August 15, 2021
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August 15, 2021
- Updated on Aug 15, 2021 at 12:36 PM

about 2 weeks ago now i went onto instagram as usual, but i couldn’t do anything as a blank pop up was blocking me from doing everything. it was glitchy and wouldn’t go away, tried to clear my cache and such but it still was there. so i let it load, it said my account had been disabled and that i need to verify my identity within 30 days, and that it takes 24 hours until i can appeal.

so, i do all this, appeal etc. no reply back….. so i try to log in but do forgot password, and it sent the password link to an email i’ve never seen before in my life. i’ve sent a fair few appeals now, including 2 different images of myself, with a requested code, username and full name.

(also, i checked my emails and there was no email at all saying the email addresses had been changed, i can put the email that was showing up here if it helps)

i’ve appealed in every way, multiple times and had no response at all. i’m worried my data on the account will get deleted after the 30 days is up, it’s my online portfolio and is what i use for jobs and education. it also keeps me surviving with the money i make from commissions too.

please, ANY suggestions on what to do. i know you can contact facebook business by running an ad then waiting for afew days for the live chat box to pop up, but i feel they’re just going to tell me everything i already know and i don’t have the time or energy or money for this.