Tiktok drafts

Laurenbonifacee - Sep 10, 2021 at 06:42 PM
Normally when you save a video as a draft, when you go back into that video, if you want to reshoot it you click the 'back' button and then delete the previous video.
It appears there has been an update which now, when I click on a video in my drafts, it comes up with only 2 options of delete or save in drafts. Both of which takes me back to the drafts page.

I have tried clearing my cache, resetting my phone, shutting the app down etc but nothing still seems to be working?

Anyone have any ideas as I have MANY videos and replies that were in the process of being filmed and now I can't reshoot any of them?!

Many thanks!

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 93.0.4577.62