My account is bugged? (VERY WEIRD

Good morning,

I'm having some issues when I try to log into my account.

It all started when I logged into an application which gives you detailed info about your followers called "Followers+".

Once I finished checking the application, Instagram showed a message saying that there was some suspicious activity, sent me a code to my phone and, once I introduced the code correctly, asked me to change my password.

As soon as I changed and logged into my Instagram account, a black screen showed up and nothing else happened. I even tried reinstalling the app or changing the password once again, but there's nothing different happening.

When I try to log in from my computer, it says that there has been some suspcious activity recently so I have to log on my mobile phone first.

I hope you come up with a solution to this.

Thank you in advance!

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 94.0.4606.85