Why does Facebook identity photo and video verification give a "try again l

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Thursday October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 13.1.1
Between some post-blocks and some other "Community Standards" breaking nonsense, I'm locked out of my main profile of 13+ years. On the desktop site, I'm asked to upload a photo of myself, but no matter the photo or size, I get an error message. Tried it on my phone browser, error message. Tried using the app's selfie video verification, recorded a million times, but I still get an error message when I try to submit.

I have no idea how to navigate this. Getting in touch with customer service is futile. I've been shaking my phone when I try the selfie videos, because that's the only way I can get to any kind of "support" functions on there.

I have 19 days until they disable my account. Is there ANYTHING I can do here?