IPhone Problem for Games with Chat Voice!

amirsouza - Oct 23, 2021 at 08:32 AM
I have this problem since IPhone 6S, I currently have IPhone XR. When an application enables MIC Automatically the IOS lowers the volume of Applications in the background. Also changes the sound from Stereo to mono! For games with Chat Voice it is a problem!
You need to talk to the team and at the same time you need Stereo audio to hear the direction of footsteps, shots…In IOS 14 it was possible to use a voice recorder app in the background playing at the same time. After upgrading to IOS 15.0.2 this method stopped working! Any App turns on the MIC, App's in Background automatically either stop working or stay with low volume and change to mono audio! Does anyone have any solution for this problem? Some Audio Manager App? Any developer interested in creating an app? Many iPhone players with this problem! Thank you very much!