Have you all lost your minds

AlexisBelcher304 - Oct 28, 2021 at 11:58 PM
Hello, I'm sorry for the rude awakening but all of you just took this guy's word for being the truth he's been hacking my phone because he wants my Stylo 6 and he hasn't been able to get it because I am extremely smart so every time she hacked my phone I walk him out of it and change the password it is indeed my Google account my name is on it not his so you need to stop helping him you are helping someone hack my phone do you all not understand you can all go to prison for this you are literally helping him commit a hate crime against me he wants my phone because he's a jerk and he doesn't have a job or anything he's just a piece of trash and he hates me because of the fact I'm a female hermaphrodite and I can prove it and he hates the fact that I can actually prove it so people stop helping this jerk get away with hacking my phone the next time he asked you for help tell him to go f*** himself. By the way I have taken a screenshot of this so I am going to show my FBI friend who you all are seeing as you all want to help him pack my phone you all can go to prison with him

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