80% of stuff blocked

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Thursday November 4, 2021
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November 4, 2021
few weeks ago this problem started, after that facebook instagram shutdown for 14 hours i think.
I cant post anything with caption, i cant edit any old captions. I cant follow people, i cant comment on anything. It says something about protecting comunity, and i wasnt spaming, wasnt doing anything to bot like behavior(read somewhere its a bot ban). Few people also told me they have same problems.
Also i have another account on same device, and on that account everything is working fine. Did notice that on that account if i want to go to new post layout if different, its updated and on the account that is bugged layout it same old, but app version is latest, so i think it could be something with that.(1st picture is a new layout of adding new post on account that works fine, rest of the pics r from this one that isnt working)

Anyone know what can be a problem and how to fix it?

System Configuration: Windows / Edge 95.0.1020.40