Identical account picture and profile photos, but different name/persons

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Monday November 8, 2021
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November 8, 2021
A few days ago an account "a" followed my profile. After I followed back, "a" wrote me a message, claiming that she is a woman from France and a certain city there, we ended up to go on talking over WhatsApp, having had a long and detailed conversation, in the way of maybe trying to get to know each other.
Today another account "b" followed my profile, having the same profile picture, like „a“ and having the same pictures in this account, showing the same woman. „b“ also wrote me after I followed back and told after asking where the account holder is from, it is the same city a France.
It give me the impression that there is something wrong about one, or both accounts and that also my conversation with „a“ over WhatsApp is questionable.
Since I never have been in this situation, I want to ask you for your interpretation and your recommendations.
Best wishes