DNS Hijack Found

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I’m hoping to find someone who can assist me or direct me to find a solution to a very annoying problem. I have suspected for some time that my world is being wrongfully violated. Replacing devices is not it and I can say that my formal complaints to the authorities are left pretty much in limbo due to lack of concrete evidence. With that being said my limited knowledge would also educate me in the crazy ways that technology has evolved… I honestly don’t know how to protect myself anymore. It feels like an invisible dark energy is watching everything I do…. from email accounts being affected to 2 different banking institutions freezing my accounts… losing all my personal photos of my family…It’s non stop and I am not going to allow anyone to minimize or desecrate what I know. I think that ppl assume Im overreacting or I’m simply demented.
I would purchase software recently through the company Avast and in my initial and thorough scan of everything I would receive a critical message reporting that my device (laptop) has been hijacked. My Network connections are being rerouted through a malicious remote Domain Name System (DNS) server. Even if I am triple checking my input to see if it’s correct and a legitimate web address I am some being redirected to a malicious website. My rage is immense as I would recall the many times I have pleaded for anybody to just have an open mind and entertain the thought of it being possible.
Avast would provide me with the hijacked domains and there were suggestions offered.
Solution: I was told to reset my computer’s DNS server settings…this will do nothing as long as my internet provider remains in denial of this situation… My admin page online is fake… anything that is changed is not really changed at all. I can’t change the DNS records and the Network IT for Sasktel are refusing to address it. They are sadly limited in education and this is over their head. I manually change my DNS on my devices to no avail.. My experience online is a constant battle…. Could someone please offer any insight as to what I could do… Until I fix this issue with the entry into my home I am at a complete standstill. My attempts with factory resetting and reinstalling are no longer a option.

My Gratitude with Respect